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released January 12, 2014

Music and lyrics written by Desolate x Create.



all rights reserved


DESOLATE x CREATE Munich, Germany

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Track Name: Astray
Everything that I lost
 turns to gold

and every step that i decide to go leads me so wrong
you know i tried my best for you to be proud of me

but now i understand its true that you won't ever be

and I'm drowning myself 
in fairytales of broken dreams
losing hope and losing sleep
i never asked you to let me down
but now i ask you to let me drown

let me drown

The way you said goodnight
The way you closed your eyes
the way you opened mine

but in the end you said goodbye

I will stand up 
and release myself
 from this blast

There has to be something more
Track Name: Farewell (Forever)
Waking up in a world giving up on me,
every single fucking day.
The voice inside my head
that tells me goodbye,
I never thought I'd say it, but there's a finish line.

I can't really tell what scares me so much, maybe it's the passing of time or the loss of the clutch. And I feel that this way is leading me in unknown lands, but I'll still carry on and pray.

I can't help myself, I watch myself as I fall apart,
with empty hands but a beating heart.
I never thought I'd ever think of leaving everything behind,
without packing my things and watch it all as it sinks.
Before my weary eyes.

You'd say I was there to love you,
I'd say I was there to prove myself.
And I hate my selfishness, and I hate my self-defense
but it's me who surrenders, and you're the one to blame.

And you were the offender, but we are all the same.
I'll always wait for you to apologize and for me to never forgive you.
Track Name: Drifted
This always seemed to be what I was looking for
till the day you said this was nothing more than a waste of time in a beautiful way.
It was a beautiful way that we were going together,
hoping this friendship would stay in our hearts like forever.
But what lasts forever, what stays together?
Every beating heart will decay one day.

And I remember the night when we found ourselves and this felt so fine,
it felt so right.
I remember the days we could barely say goodbye to.
And the sun went down too soon. It went down too soon.
Time passes so fast, and changes us so much.
I wish it could last, like it was in the past.

Only the way you remember me will live on.
And I beg you to remember me and the good times we had.
And I beg you to remember me as your friend.
Please don't forget me.
Track Name: Open Arms
My hands start to shake, as I try to write those things I've never told to anyone.
The thoughts of what I've done and what's left for me to come always leaves me here with an empty soul.
I made this promise to myself, that I won't give up again.
And I will make the best of this, cause I'm afraid that this could end too soon.

And I look back to the time as a gift of gold.
When we fought to survive, we fought to survive.
And time will never stand still, time will never stand still again.

This is us against the world.
Like brothers in arms
Keep myself from falling apart.
This is us against the world
Like brothers in arms
And fill this empty heart with love.

And I look back to the time as a gift of gold.
When we fought to survive, we fought to survive.
And time will never stand still, time will never stand still again.

The future is unknown, and the answer's in disguise.
But I will go on and try my best for you.
You say life's a joke, and so am I.
But I will wait for you with open arms.